Troubleshooting Your Baker's Pride Gas Commercial Oven

21 May 2015
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If your gas-powered Baker's Pride commercial oven is not working correctly, then you have come to the right place!

Here is how to troubleshoot and fix the four most common problems with Baker's Pride gas-powered commercial ovens:

Problem #1: The Oven Does Not Cook Evenly

If your commercial oven is not cooking evenly, then the thermostat bulb connection may not be placed in its special clip on the side of the oven. Often when the thermostat is replaced, the bulb does not get placed correctly back into its clip. This position is necessary for your oven to heat correctly. Without proper placement of the bulb, the heat in your oven will wildly fluctuate.

Problem #2: The Pilot Light Will Not Stay Lit

Pilot light problems are common with Baker's Pride commercial ovens. The source of pilot light problems lays with a part known as a thermocouple. The thermocouple is connected to a safety valve that is also a common source of issues with pilot lights.

When you light the pilot light on your commercial stove, the thermocouple needs to be directly over the flame. If the thermocouple is out of alignment, then the pilot light will stay lit but it will not allow the safety valve to open so that you can heat the oven.

If you have checked the adjustment on the thermocouple and it is in alignment, then the oven's safety valve needs to be replaced. 

Problem #3: The Oven Will Not Get Hot Enough

If your Baker's Pride oven will not heat up to cooking temperature in a reasonable amount of time, then the thermostat has likely become damaged. The thermostat is the part in your oven that is responsible for maintaining the set temperature. When it isn't working properly, your oven will be unable to maintain the temperature that you set your oven on.

To fix this problem, you will need to replace the thermostat in your oven.

Problem #4: The Oven is Too Hot

Finally, if your commercial oven is consistently too hot based upon the setting you have put it on, then the thermostat is the likely culprit. Just as when your oven will not get hot enough, an oven that is too hot is typically caused by a defective thermostat.

If you need parts to repair your Baker's Pride commercial oven, then you should contact a restaurant equipment supplier like K & D Factory Service Inc.