Food Handler Training 101: A Guide For New Employees

18 April 2016
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If you take on an employment position where you will be directly in charge of handling food that is served to the public, don't be a bit surprised if your new employer requires that you are certified in food handling. Even though this sounds like an intimidating process, becoming a certified food handler only gives you better qualifications for future employment. Here are a few of the most common questions new employees tend to have about taking part in a food handler program and the answers you will want to know. Read More 

Six Stout Styles To Sample And Sip

29 January 2016
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They are visually characterized by their espresso brown to black hue crowned by rich, tan heads. Stouts, which are members of the ale family of beers, are all created from a base of roasted malts, which impart an aroma that is often reminiscent of coffee, bittersweet chocolate or caramel. Stouts are less carbonated than other beer styles. The Beer Judge Certification Program Style Committee guidelines now recognize six styles of stout. Read More